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Recruitment Strategy: The Doorway to Your Organisation

Recruitment processes include a vetting strategy. This approach allows you to select the most efficient ways to assess the suitability of an individual for your organisation. Making the decision to have someone join your team is not always an easy one. The impacts of make the wrong decision can cost an organisation in many ways.

Darumatic Founders & IT Technical Experts, Felix Schmitz (left) and Adrián Deccico (right)


There are a few components to a recruitment strategy. Understanding the why behind your recruitment drive is the first important step. In some cases, it may be to fill an immediate need, but the beauty of a recruitment strategy is that it can be the driving force behind a thriving business strategy.


Make recruitment part of your business planning conversation and build it into your timelines. By referring to your resources, funding, technology, and other general time to hire data you will be able to determine the amount of lead up time you require in order to have who you need, and when you need them.

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The recruitment itself is usually managed through a partnership between the Hiring Manager (possibly you or someone in your management team) and the recruiter. This partnership allows for recruitment process/technical expertise and subject matter expertise to come together in order devise a strategy and execute on it efficiently and effectively. If you are not 100% on the theory and practices behind recruitment, don’t “trust your gut”. Partner with a recruitment expert and get the right person for the role, in the role.


Build it into your budget! We haven’t yet handed all of our human skills “to the robots”… so whilst humans are still a large part of organisations, it goes without saying that investing in the acquisition of the right people for your organisation is an integral part of building and growing your business. (psst...don’t forget to budget in the Technology too ↓)


We love technology! It sits at the heart of our business and is an area we are very passionate about. Along with so many other fields, technology has catapulted the recruitment industry far into the future. There so many systems that can support you and your business. These systems can automate multiple things, administer and proctor assessments, allowing the Hiring Manager and recruiter time to focus on other parts of their partnership including the decision-making process. Do some research and find out what works best for your organisation or ask a recruitment expert.

Time is the most precious resource a business can spend on!

If you want to make more efficient and effective talent decisions, call on the experts... We have both the technical expertise in IT and in Recruitment!


Norell Naidoo, HR Director, Assessment Selection Specialist and Psychologist (Organisational)

Norell joined Darumatic in 2018 to build and uplift the recruitment process and assessment approach for IT roles. She has worked in large organisations across various HR disciplines within Recruitment and HR Business Partnering. As part of the Darumatic team, Norell supports and leads the HR Function.

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